Feature Process
Talent and skill

We know the graphic design process from front to back. We have the creative talent to develop and implement visual communication solutions to complex challenges. The study of composition, form, layout, color, typography, and imagery is an ongoing practice.

But that is half of the equation… we also have the skill to make it happen. While this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at the number of “designers” who don’t know the basic rules of preparing files for final production. Pixels takes pride in possessing the technical expertise to produce and implement your vision. We maintain a first rate design studio with the latest digital technology and the knowledge of process. Our files are ready for the printer or sign maker with no errors.

The field of graphic design has been on an ever changing track since the mid 80s. It’s important to keep up with trends and techniques to remain competitive.

Your vision is our inspiration

Your project begins with getting to know you and your business. All clients are different and there are many types of business out there so I will do some research on your industry will help me better communicate with you.

The first phase includes meeting with your representative(s) to establish specific objectives for the project. At this time, we identify the message, desired results, target audience, design characteristics, and schedule.

Information gathered in the planning phase will be used to develop multiple preliminary design concepts. These will be presented informally as static inkjet or PDF proofs, and then evaluated to ensure the concepts fit your goals.

Production of your printed piece or website will begin by using approved copy and photography. The design and content will then be refined and a mockup presented for client approval. You dictate the changes…this is your project and it must reflect your business.