Logo update needed

Logo update needed


Snohomish School District


A stale logo can reflect negatively on your business. The changes may not need to be major but the upside can turn your organization’s image around.

The Snohomish School District decided it was time to update their logo but really didn’t want a compete redesign.  This particular project was quite a bit easier than starting from scratch and was fun.  It was not expensive either.

Snohomish School District old logo design

Before updated design

The old logo is pretty simple, flat and dated. By simply updating the drawing style, color, and adding a couple of elements the feel is complete changed. Changing the font my seem like a small thing but may be the biggest improvement of all.


The Snohomish School District now looks like it belongs in the 21st century. The new logo is being phases in and I hope it will be in full use soon.