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Whidbey Island Center for the Arts


The challenge here was to not only design an informative and useful brochure, but also design each individual event… and have them all represented in a single cohesive package.


By all accounts the goal of providing a brochure that would be kept and used throughout the year was a success. The response from the client and community was overwhelming positive!

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The first step was a meeting with the Executive Director to get an idea of their expectations. What they liked and didn’t like, their budget and goals. From there I outlined the construction of the piece, chose the paper, and bid the project to several printers.

Our next meeting to discusses content was attended by the Executive Director, Production Director, Marketing Coordinator, and directors involved in the theatre series productions. The centers staff provided the theme and outline for the entire season, no small feat on it’s own. The directors wanted to relay the vision of their specific productions including the overall feel, time period, main character traits, or staging that could be relevant and artfully depicted in a poster. Now… wrap this up into one integrated, beautiful package.

It would be nice to say that by the end of that first meeting I had all that I needed in order to start, frankly that is almost never the case. Holes were filled in as the process moved forward, events, times, dates, and players were updated regularly. Most designers have to work that way with some regularity, it’s just part of the challenge.

While I agonized over presenting the first draft to the client (debating on whether or not to scrap the entire thing and start over) I opted for a design review… not including the client. After working so closely on a project for several weeks, I appreciated the opinion of other designers who have a critical eye and can offer fresh analysis. The critique was just what I needed to continue without the feeling of being completely off base.

The first draft was finally presented and distributed much more widely than I anticipated. The overall response was extremely encouraging. Now we were off to the races with deadlines to be met.