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Before and After Case Study


Pine Cottage and Chalet
A Whidbey Island Bed and Breakfast


Update the site and increase exposure. Include new content that covers renovations and an additional suite.


Design a site with a modern look, inviting feel, and portray an upscale value.


After one month, traffic was up 48%, 63% were new visitors.

Project Gallery:
The Chalet - redesigned
Added value - Activities page

My friend Darcy Sinclair and I have teamed up for all things WordPress. We are excited about this platform. It has grown into a full Web Development Content Management System (CMS) and offers so many benefits to our clients. We developed this new site for Pine Cottage & Chalet, a Bed and Breakfast on Whidbey Island.

Given the challenge of updating the site, we determined the first requirement would be to set the tone of the brand. This was a key element in establishing the voice that more accurately represents her services. We updated the logo to a more modern type face and crisp graphic. The design of the site flowed from this foundation.

The first image on the home page draws you in…expansive grounds, lush greenery, and an inviting setting. It’s supported by copy that emphasizes the surrounding beauty.

Each of the accommodation pages is written in a way that paints a picture, not just a list of amenities. We were able to include a gallery of new photos that enlarge in a light box format to easily see each of the suites in detail. Including the Availability Calendar provides two benefits. First, it’s easy for our client to manage since they weren’t ready for an online booking system and secondly, it provides more information to visitors in scheduling their stay.

We included a new section about Whidbey Island which increases the value of the site tremendously. We’ve provided information about the local culture with suggestions and links to activities, dining, and events.

To fulfill the challenge of increasing traffic we provided our client with marketing options that included a list of online directories that will include her business for free. On the back end of the site we installed tools for Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics Summary. This allows the site manager to see how much traffic is being generated and where the referrals are coming from. After the first month, traffic was up 48%, 63% were new visitors, with an average time on site of 3 minutes.